Songs For Two (2011)


1. Change the world (E.Clapton)
2. A hard days night (The Beatles)
3. Teardrop (Massive Attack)
4. Don't know why (N.Jones)
5. Stronger than me (A.Winehouse)
6. I wish (S.Wonder)
7. Blackbird (The Beatles)
8. Just the two of us (B.Withers)
9. Sweet child o' mine (Guns 'n'Roses)
10. By my side (S.Ferrari, A.Giordani)


Silvia Ferrari - vocals, background vocals
Alessandro Giordani - guitar
Recorded at: Synchronia Studio, Rome
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Alessandro Giordani and Silvia Ferrari.
Mastering: Alessandro Giordani (Synchronia Studio)
Layout and design: Silvia Ferrari
Photo: MaryC Photography



Voice and guitar redrawing and transforming famous songs into musical pearls, this is “Songs For Two”! With innate talent and astonishing musical drive, Silvia Ferrari and Alessandro Giordani walk this gallery of hits empowering them with unique sounds and sensations. The album is marked by Silvia’s warm and seducing voice and Alessandro’s superb guitar mastery.
Alex Di Reto (musician)

“Songs For Two” is my first release coproduced with my husband and guitarist Alessandro Giordani. We first hit the studio in september 2011 after a very intense period that got us deeply involved with the creation of this cd.
11/11/11 we finally released our first album! 11 is my birthdate and in the last few months this number seemed to have captured me..I saw and still see this number everywhere..this is why I decided to get out with the cd in this date!
“Songs for two” wants to be a tribute to some of the musicians we love and that inspired our musical path that began some years ago when me and Alessandro met and falled in love with each other and with music.
We started playing together as a duo trying to built a repertoire of songs from blues, rock, soul and pop genre.
Some years have passed since that day and we wanted to record an album of 9 cover songs completely rearranged and with an original track written by us called “By my side”.
We hope you enjoy listening to the tracks as we enjoyed working on them!
We would like to thank everyone that believes in us and supports us with their sincerity and appreciation.

With love, Silvia & Alessandro