About me

Born and raised in Rome ever since passionate about music. The first encounters with music and melodies begun at a very young age with the studying of piano. Later, moved by emotion and charm of the human voice, she begins to take her first steps in classical choral singing with the choir of the German School of Rome.

The concerts held, allowed her to perform immediately in front of a large audit in the main churches and basilicas of Rome and to develop her natural gifts of intonation and rhythmic. Her interest for music leads her to follow further teachings in piano and guitar.DSC_3307-4

Over the years she has participated in several festivals including the famous Castrocaro Festival in 2004, reaching the semifinals and performing in front of a jury of music industry professionals. She also participated in various workshops and seminars about gospel music and especially during the Arcevia Jazz Festival, she had the chance to learn from teachers such as April Latrice Adkins, Rev. Maurice Wilkes and Susanna Stivali.

In 2007 she graduated in Communication Science at the University of Rome. She collaborated and recorded some singles for producers and songwriters of the rap, dance and country – blues music scene. In 2010 she started singing at weddings in Rome and Centre Italy with her project “Music Planning“, integrating so her passion for music as for the organization of events.

She works at the Synchronia Studio, a prestigious recording studio in Rome and is currently involved in several musical projects particularly her duo with guitarist and husband Alessandro Giordani. In 2011 they released their first album SONGS FOR TWO, a tribute to some musicians they love, including their original song called By My Side.IMG_6876

Over the years they wrote music and lyrics together and are working on their debut album of original music.
Her repertoire has no genre or boundaries. Her willingness to simply sing what she loves, giving a personal and sophisticated touch to the songs she sings, is her trademark.

“I love nature, the scent of wet earth, the colors of the sunset, the landscapes of the countryside, to watch for hours the moon and the stars and get lost in space.”

“I’ve met many people and artists so far and I learned from each and every one of them..about music, about myself and the others.. but there’s still a lot to be learned. The smiles, the applauses and encouragement I receive push me to continue on the path of music.I learn to give life to my outbursts, my sorrows, joys, loves and doubts!
My work is in progress, my feelings suspended between reality and desire,trying to give form to my emotions and share them with you! “